SomosBeds Twin Size Icon Sizing Guide

Also commonly known as a single, the twin-sized mattress is an affordable option in many settings. The twin mattress is a great choice for children and is often the preferred choice as toddlers grow out of their crib and are ready for their first "Big Boy or Big Girl" bed. It is also an ideal size for smaller rooms (7 feet by 10 feet or larger is recommended) or for rooms where more than one bed is needed. Most bunk beds feature at least one twin-sized mattress.

Twin-sized mattress accessories (sheets, blankets, etc) are easy to find and come in a wide assortment of patterns and colors, making them a fun and decorative choice for children. They also allow for enough space to add a desk and/or chair to the bedroom as your child grows, without overcrowding the space.

Although the twin-sized mattress is the most affordable option, this doesn't mean it has to be low-quality. At SomosBeds, we recognize that growing children need a good night's sleep in order to be their best physically and academically. This is why our mattresses include Gel Memory Foam to provide cooling, conforming pressure relief, along with high density foam to deliver exceptional support. And you can rest easy because SomosBeds mattresses are CertiPUR-US® certified to be free of chemicals and toxins. Find out more about our CertiPUR-US® certification here.

While the twin-sized mattress is suitable for single sleepers, it is certainly not large enough for couples. Additionally, some adults will find that the twin-sized mattress is too short to sleep on comfortably and would prefer a full or queen option.

Twin-sized mattress dimensions: 38 inches by 75 inches

Width 38 inches
Length 75 inches
SomosBeds weight

Elegance: 34 lbs

Premier: 40 lbs

SomosBeds height

Elegance: 8 inches

Premier: 10 inches

Recommended Room Size

7 feet by 10 feet (minimum)

Ideal Sleeper

Growing children, young teens

SomosBeds price

Elegance: $499.99

Premier: $599.99