Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see the mattress before I buy it?

Yes. Simply click here to find a retailer near you.


Does SomosBeds offer shipping and delivery?

Yes, SomosBeds offers shipping anywhere in the continental United States. Our delivery area is currently limited to PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA, WV, NC, and Washington DC, but we hope to increase that area soon.


What size mattress is right for me?

There are many factors to consider! One of the first things to think about is the size of the room where you will place your SomosBeds mattress. Smaller rooms will best fit a twin or full size whereas larger rooms can accommodate our queen, king or California King mattresses. Another thing to consider is how much sleeping surface is needed. Do you sleep with a partner or a pet? Or maybe you sleep alone, but like to really stretch out. Our Mattress Sizing Chart, or our reference guide to finding the right size mattress, will help you decide which SomosBeds mattress is your best choice!


What should I expect from my new mattress?

Your new SomosBeds mattress will come vacuum-sealed in a box. We recommend once you take it out of the box and the plastic, that you give your new mattress 24 hours to return to its original size. This also gives the mattress time to “air out” as there might be a slight odor after removing it from the plastic. Don’t worry – this is perfectly normal and does not post a safety hazard. If you notice a slight odor, it should disappear quickly.


How much does my new SomosBeds weigh?

This will vary depending on which size you ordered.

Twin: SomosBeds Elegance - 34 lbs.; SomosBeds Premier - 40 lbs.

Twin XL: SomosBeds Premier - 41 lbs.

Full: SomosBeds Elegance - 45 lbs.; SomosBeds Premier - 55 lbs.

Queen: SomosBeds Elegance - 54 lbs.; SomosBeds Premier - 65 lbs.

King: SomosBeds Elegance - 66 lbs.; SomosBeds Premier - 82 lbs.

CA King: SomosBeds Premier - 82 lbs.


What if I don’t like my new SomosBeds mattress?

You have 100 calendar days from the date of delivery to exchange your SomosBeds mattress. Since there is often an adjustment period after you get a new mattress, we ask that you allow 30 days before initiating an exchange. If you are still not satisfied with your original mattress after 30 days of use, simply contact us to begin the process for your one-time comfort exchange.

**To be eligible for an exchange, you must still be within your 100-day trial period and have had it for at least 30 days. Additionally, the mattress must be free of damage, including stains or tears.


Do I have to flip or rotate my mattress?

You don’t need to flip your mattress, but we do suggest rotating it every 3-6 months to extend the life of the mattress.


What forms of payment do you accept?

SomosBeds happily accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.