SomosBeds Queen Size Icon Sizing Guide

By far, our most popular size, the queen mattress is the king of versatility! It allows couples, as well as single sleepers, enough room to sleep comfortably, but can also fit into a smaller setting without overpowering the space. Queen mattresses are perfect for the master bedroom or for a guest room.

Often the choice for display in retailer showrooms, the queen mattress accounts for nearly half of all mattress purchases. It is typically priced very similarly to the full size, but offers an additional 6 inches in width and 5 inches in length and an immeasurable amount more comfort. The additional space allows couples to roll over and change positions without colliding with their partner and causing sleep interruptions. 

Choosing the right size mattress is the first step toward getting a good night's sleep. Choosing a quality mattress that will support you properly and allow you to wake up refreshed is the next step. This is why our mattresses include Gel Memory Foam to provide cooling, conforming pressure relief and reduces motion transfer, which is especially important when you sleep with a partner. Our high-density foam works in tandem with the gel memory foam to deliver exceptional support and a unique feel that you're sure to love. And you can rest easy knowing that SomosBeds mattresses are CertiPUR-US® certified to be free of harmful chemicals and toxins. Find out more about our CertiPUR-US® certification here.

For those couples that have larger bedrooms and prefer more sleeping surface than what the queen mattress allows, we urge to consider treating yourself to a king-sized mattress.

Queen size mattress dimensions: 60 inches by 80 inches

Width 60 inches
Length 80 inches
SomosBeds weight

Elegance: 54 lbs

Premier: 65 lbs

SomosBeds height

Elegance: 8 inches

Premier: 10 inches

Recommended Room Size

10 feet by 10 feet (minimum)

Ideal Sleeper

Single Sleeper adults, couples

SomosBeds price

Elegance: $699.99

Premier: $799.99