Is Your Mattress Ruining Your Life?

old mattress

On average, we spend a third of our lives sleeping. It’s an extremely vital part of your life. More times than not, however, people never stop to think about how sleeping on an old mattress, or one that isn’t right for them, could be ruining their lives.

Why It's Bad To Sleep On An Old Mattress

Here are a few basic points that most people know: you need sleep to function; you need good sleep to function well; and little to no sleep leads to less productivity at work, irritability, and a host of health issues (high blood pressure, weight gain, diabetes, etc.).

A major cause for you not sleeping well is your mattress. You sleep on it for years, but do you ever think about your mattress? How old is it? How long have you had it? Does it smell, but you’ve just gotten used to it?

old mattress


Older mattresses are filled with allergens that can keep you awake by triggering allergic reactions, such as sneezing, wheezing, coughing, etc. Over time, your mattress becomes filled with skin flakes, a main food source for dust mites. Dust mites can spawn millions of other mites during the time you own your bed. While you sleep, you can breathe in microscopic bits of dust mite excrement, as well as noxious fumes from chemicals that are starting to break down in an older mattress.


As your mattresses ages it may no longer be able to correctly support your body properly, and that can cause you to lose sleep. As time passes your body changes. Pregnancy, weight loss or gain can all significantly change the type of support you need to get a great night's sleep. 

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